Early Oyster Bay Long Island NY ,

Dutch and English Early Families

and their descendants

By Jeffrey V. Horton




A little about One Big Family; Most people just enter their direct ancestral lines. I have not only connected my direct lines but also most the lines of all the children and their spouses. In doing this families become much more intertwined. My Kinship report is 7.668 pages and I am related to some people ten different times in different ways. One person might be my 7th great grandfather , 2nd cousin 8 times removed, husband of 5th great grandaunt, husband of 18th cousin 6 times removed etc..

When you have early English and Dutch lines the extended family really begins to grow. I keep finding when I am working on one line I am able to link it to another line I have already entered.

More to come.



My Tree includes the following: 


  • Over 120,750  Names, all sourced many with numerous sourced information.
  • The entire genealogy part of Stoutenburgh’s History of O.B.
  • All of Adventures for God, A history of St George's  Episcopal  Church, Hempstead Long Island, Baptismal, Marriage and Death records.
  • Families from all over Long Island
  • NJ, CT, MA
  • Westchester , to Albany NY to Buffalo.
  • 1850 Census of  Oyster Bay , in progress
  • All Horton lines from New England, New York and New Jersey and their descendants. 
  • Includes Most of Hortons in America, Thomas Horton of Milton, by Margaret Jenks!, Thomas Horton of Springfield, Mass.
  • Franklins: Matthew Franklin line and other Franklins from New England and their descendants as the migrated west


I am entering the following:

  • all early Royal Lines
  • all Howland Mayflower lines
  • All Presidential lines.





Here are some of the names in my family tree that contain a great deal of information.

Also included are variation son some of the names; example Southard and Southward.

I have listed many the ;last name with one spelling to make it easier to find.

Adrience, Albertson, Allen, Baldwin , Bayley, Bedell, Beebe, Beekman, Bennet, Birdsall, Bloodgood, Bogart, Brinkenhoff, Brown, Brush, Burr, Burtis, Carll, Carmen, Carpenter, Cashow, Cheshire ,  Cock, Cole, Coles, Conklin, Cornell, Cortelyou, Covenhoven,

De Beauvois, Denton , Dickerson, Ditmars, Dodge, Doty, Doughty, Downing, DuBois,

Durland, Duryea, Earle, Eddy, Edwards, Emmons, Franklin, Frost, Gildersleeve, Hallock, Halstead, Hatfield, Hauxhurst, Hegeman, Hendrickson,  Hewlett,  Hicks,  Higbie, Hoogland,  Horton, Howland,  Hull, Irleand, Jackson, Jacobie, Johnson, Ketcham, King, Kissam, Knapp, Lake, Langdon, Latting, Lawrence, Layton, Lewis, Linnington, Lockwood, Losee, Lott, Ludlam, Luyster, Martin, McQueen, Mersereau, Miller, Mitchell, Monfort, Moore, Mott, Nostrand, Oakley, Onderdonck, Pearsall, Peters, Pettit, Phillips, Pine, Place, Platt, Polhemius, Powell, Prior, Probasco, Rapalye, Remsen, Reyner, Rogers, Rushmore, Schneck, Scudder, Seaman, Searing, Simonson, Skidmore, Smith, Snediker, Soper,  Southard, Stoutenburgh, Suydam, Tappan, Teller, Thorn, Thorneycraft, Titus,  Townsend, Treadwell, Tyrell, Underhill, Vail, Valentine, Van Cott, Van Dyke,

Van Nostrand, Van Siclen, Van Wicklen, Van Wyck, Vanderbilt, Vedder, Vernon, Voorhis, Waldron,  Washburne, Weeks, White, Whitson, Willets, Williamson, Willis, Willts, Wood, Wright, Wyckoff, Youngs, Plus many more.



  Names in Blue are Mayflower Lines

  Names in Purple are Mayflower and Royal Lines.