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This site is different than most sites where people just trace their own lines. This site is interconnected with not just one line traced back but many of the childrenís spouses also traced back and then connected to earlier lines I have entered. The site has Mayflower, early Salem, Ma Puritan lines, early Dutch lines, Presidential lines (who had New England Roots) and Royal Lines.

Here is an example. I grew up on Long Island NY. I have early Dutch/English lines that are in NY and New Jersey and some go back l to early New England including a Mayflower and Royal Line connection. I have a friend Matt, from Ma., whose fatherís line is Italian but his mother is from New England. When I traced his line I not only found, he has, two Mayflower lines but he is my tenth cousin from an early Dutch Family. This site is large over 120,000 names and is just the beginning of showing how many of us are more closely related than you would think.

Features of this site: 1) Under Folios I have my 8,000 page kinship report. It shows how I am related to other individuals in my database. I might be related to someone multiply times. 2)Under Histories I will have documents about how to use this site and a general key on my entries. .

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Look at my Kinship report to get a sense of all the people/families I am related to.